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Content Restoration in Oakland, St. Clair & Macomb County, MI

If it's repairable, we can restore it


Unforeseen events like fires, storms, or floods can have a devastating effect on your home or business, damaging not only the structure but its contents as well. While the majority of the items in a building can be replaced, albeit at significant expense, some are simply irreplaceable, such as family heirlooms, antique furniture, photographs, film, x-rays, electronic data, or critical business documents like contracts and deeds.

At Advance Restoration, we offer numerous services that can help to restore your most vital possessions when they have suffered fire, smoke, mold, or water damage. Time is critical during the recovery process, and the sooner you act, the greater the chance that we will be able to save the contents of your building. By showing up to the scene within 24 to 48 hours after a disaster, our technicians will be able to evaluate the damage and take steps to protect and restore the building’s contents while it is still possible.

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Content Restoration Services for Floods, Fires, and Storms

The first few hours after a disaster can be a chaotic and confusing time, but with our help, you can protect your most important possessions and prevent further damage. Soon after you call Advance Restoration, we will send our experts to start inventorying your belongings and determining which are good candidates for restoration and which are too severely damaged.

We can relocate salvageable items to our 20,000 square-foot building for restoration and storage, tracking each item with our advanced inventory system. From there, we can begin the restoration process, using the advanced equipment available at our facility and innovative techniques to clean, deodorize, and restore your belongings as near as possible to original condition.


Our content restoration services include:

  • Inventory and pack-out – We will asses the condition of each item, take a full inventory, then pack and transport your belongings to our secure, climate-controlled facility for storage and restoration.
  • Document restoration We will use techniques like thermal drying, freeze drying, dehumidification, and air drying to remove moisture and restore documents while protecting delicate inks and finishes.
  • Furniture Restoration Our experts can use advanced cleaning solutions and equipment to remove smoke, soot, dirt, mold, and other stains from hard-surface furniture, like wood, and restore it to its original finish. For upholstered furniture, we can use steam cleaning, ozone treatment, thermal fogging, and other techniques to clean, deodorize, and remove stains from fabrics.
  • Clothing and textile restoration Garments, curtains, bedding, and other textiles can be restored through dry cleaning, washing, ozone treatment, or other techniques that will leave them clean and free of odors. We can remove many types of stains, including smoke soot, water, mold, and mildew damage, and garments will be dried and pressed prior to storage.
  • Electronics restoration Data stored on electronics like computers and tablets can often be more important than physical documents. Our technicians will examine your electronics and determine which can be restored and which have too much water damage or corrosion to be salvaged. We will clean and restore your electronics using the best techniques to preserve data, allowing you a chance to recover important files, photos, and documents.
  • Pack-in – Once your belongings have been restored and you have a place to relocate them to, our team will retrieve your valuables from our facility and deliver them to your premises.
  • Claims processing – Our team will work with your insurance provider to identify losses and enable you to start the claims process.

Remember, it’s important to hire a professional when it comes to cherished family heirlooms and important documents and equipment. Time is crucial to mitigating irreparable damage.

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If it can be saved, our team at Advance Restoration will do it. Our sophisticated content restoration services are your best chance to restore your prized possessions after a disaster.

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Our Content Restoration Service Area

Advance Restoration provides content restoration services to the following cities: Chesterfield Township, Clinton Township, Macomb, Roseville, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, Warren, Washington Township, Birmingham, Commerce Township, Farmington Hills, Independence Township, Novi, Orion Township, Oxford Charter Township, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Southfield, Troy, and West Bloomfield Township.


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