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Flood Insurance Assistance in Michigan

Are You Covered?

For flood insurance assistance in Michigan, look to the experts at Advance Restoration. Flooding is one of the most common disasters faced by homeowners and potentially one of the most costly. After a flood, it is important to handle the situation properly to minimize damage and receive full compensation from the insurance company. While most homeowners have a standard homeowner’s insurance policy—as required by the lender, as well as the law in many jurisdictions—those policies do not cover flooding. To be protected during a flood, you must have a separate flood insurance policy and you must diligently follow its requirements to successfully file a flood insurance claim in Michigan.

Negotiating with an insurance company can be stressful, especially after a disaster like a flood. At Advance Restoration, our experts can help you through the process, from the initial damage assessment to filing a claim and repairing your home. We have the training and experience to document the damage properly and ensure you receive a fair settlement. Our team can also help you throughout the flood damage recovery process, with water extraction and structural drying services, home repairs, content restoration, and more.

For assistance with flood insurance after your home in St. Clair, Oakland or Macomb County, MI has flooded, contact us online.

Differences Between Homeowner’s and Flood Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance will typically cover water damage from things like broken windows, roof damage during a storm, or even pool leaks that flood a basement. Most policies will not cover:

  • Natural flooding from storm events
  • Water seeping into the basement from natural sources
  • Basement flooding from drain or sewer backups
  • Flooding from sump pump failures
  • Water damage from frozen or leaking plumbing that is a maintenance issue
  • Water damage from appliances like washing machines

Flood insurance will cover natural flooding from storm events or seeping water, as well as flooding from drain, sewer, or sump pump problems—if an optional endorsement for such events is included in your policy.

What to Do After A Flood

After a flood, it is important to act quickly to minimize the damage to your home. Once the authorities have deemed your home safe to enter, you should call both your insurance company and a disaster recovery company, such as our team at Advance Restoration, to begin documenting the damage. Our experts can help you to:

  • Prevent further damage – We can seal up broken windows, doors, and other openings to prevent rainwater from entering, and we can minimize further flooding by diverting water, sealing drain or sewer leaks, or extracting water once the damage has been documented. Failure to mitigate ongoing damage can result in problems with your claim, as can cleaning up before the damage has been properly documented.
  • Assess the damage – Our experts will document water levels, flood damage, damage to belongings, and other critical information with photos, video, and written notes to ensure you have the resources necessary to file an insurance claim.
  • Claims processing – We can help you gather the necessary evidence for your insurance claim, including our documentation on the flood damage, reports from first responders, reports from contractors, and data like moisture levels.
  • Water mitigation – Once your insurance company has completed its damage assessment, our team will start extracting the water from your home and drying the structure. We will also eliminate any mild growth that we find and decontaminate the building to prevent future growth.
  • Debris removal – With approval from the insurance company, we can begin removing damaged possessions and flood debris.
  • Content restoration – We can remove any of your belongings that can be saved and bring them to our facility for restoration. This includes furniture, carpets, electronics, documents, and more.
  • Rebuilding – Once your insurance claim is successfully processed, we can begin rebuilding and repairing your home, bringing it back to original condition.

Schedule Flood Damage Recovery Services in St. Clair, Oakland & Macomb County, MI

When you need a professional to help with an insurance claim and disaster recovery after a flood, look no further than our team at Advance Restoration—we have helped thousands with flood insurance assistance in Michigan and nationwide.

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