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Document Restoration in Clinton Township, MI & the Surrounding Areas

State-of-the-art technology & care for your valuable documents in Clinton Township, MI and all of Southeast Michigan

Most people don’t realize document restoration services even exist let alone in Clinton Township, MI. We are professionals specializing in restoring slides, blueprints, and medical films to name a few

If your Clinton Township-area home or business was recently damaged in a flood, fire, or other disaster, you might be clambering to find document restoration services in Clinton Township, MI and throughout St. Clair, Oakland, and Macomb County, Michigan. Have no doubt, Advance Restoration is here and up to the task. We can restore or repair wet or smoke-damaged documents with our full line of content restoration services.

For help repairing documents to their pre-loss condition, please contact us to schedule document restoration services in St. Clair, Oakland or Macomb County.

Restoration for All Types of Documents

Our team of expert restoration technicians can recover a vast array of physical documents

  • Manuscripts, books, and magazines
  • Slides, negatives, film, and photos
  • Maps, blueprints, and drawings
  • Medical, legal and personal
  • Electronic storage, such as audio tapes, VHS tapes, CDs, and DVDs
  • And much more

Our Process

Document Restoration is a specialty that only a few select companies do well in Clinton Township, MI

Various disasters can damage business-critical documents that are irreplaceable in your Oakland or Macomb County home or commercial building. Whether your papers were damaged by flooding, storms, fire, or smoke, we’ll do everything possible to repair them to their original condition. Here are the techniques we use:

  • Air drying – The most cost-effective option for papers that are still in reasonably good condition is to let them dry naturally, clamping them down to ensure they don’t lose their shape.
  • Dehumidification – This is an efficient way to recover documents that are only minimally damaged. Papers are placed in an enclosed space as fans and dehumidifiers circulate air and extract moisture.
  • Vacuum freeze-drying – Documents are frozen to preserve the ink. Then, the papers are relocated to another chamber where moisture is removed so the documents can dry thoroughly.
  • Thermal drying – Effective for both water and fire damage, this technique involves placing documents in an air-sealed chamber as hot air enters and moisture evaporates, leaving the paper dry.

We use these methods with the goal of eliminating water and smoke damage while protecting delicate paper and ink. If the damage is too severe, we can possibly make a copy of the document for your records and dispose of the original.

One of the best document restoration companies in Clinton Township, MI for commercial or residential repairs

When it comes to restoring damaged documents, time is of the essence. To prevent irreparable harm, contact us as soon as possible so the restoration process can begin. We use state-of-the-art techniques for document restoration in Clinton Township, Michigan and all over St. Clair, Oakland, and Macomb County. Here’s what this entails:

  • Evaluate and inventory damaged documents – While minor restoration can occur onsite, our personnel will carefully inventory and transport salvageable items to our secure facility in Clinton Township, MI.
  • Clean up and restore documents – We use our specialized drying and cleaning techniques to remove water, soot, and smoke from your valuable papers. If any of your belongings are too damaged to salvage, we won’t charge you for our services.
  • Climate-controlled storage – We provide secure, climate-controlled storage in our advanced, 20,000-square-foot facility. Here, your items will remain safe until your property is fully recovered and ready to receive them.
  • Pack-out and pack-back – Our team handles all the transportation needs, including moving your damaged goods to our facility for restoration and returning them once your home or business is restored following the unfortunate disaster.
  • Insurance claim assistance – With thorough documentation of everything that’s been damaged, lost, and recovered, you have everything you need to file a successful insurance claim. Don’t worry—we’ll help you with this process to make it as stress-free as possible.

Contact Advance Restoration for Content Restoration and Repair in St. Clair, Oakland & Macomb County, MI

Your fast response within the first 24 to 48 hours following a natural disaster increases the chance of saving as many vital documents as possible. Remember, it’s essential to call upon a document restoration specialist to ensure the integrity of your records is not compromised.

Advance Restoration is professionally certified to perform document restoration services in St. Clair, Oakland, and Macomb County. To begin the recovery process in your Southeast Michigan home or business, please contact us today at 877-363-7462. Visit us on Facebook.


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