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Fallen Tree Removal in Oakland & Macomb County, MI

Remove or restore?

After a disaster such as flood or storm, such as from high winds or tornado, you may experience fallen trees or damage from fallen trees on your property. Although these trees may seem to be dead or dying, some can be restored or treated, while others will require removal. It’s important to be informed so that you can make the right decision about removing a tree or restoring it so that it can live on. We can help you to determine the best course or action to take when making this decision after storm damage has occurred.


Planning and safety

The most important priority is to realize if the tree poses any threats or is a potential hazard to humans, animals, automobiles, or building structures—taking the right action can save thousands in potential damage to others, their property, or your own.

Trees leaning on power lines, blocking roadways, or that have hanging branches could cause significant harm and are urgent to remove or stabilize. Many trees can be saved with appropriate treatment and a professional can help you determine the difference between a salvageable tree and one that poses a hazard or is untreatable.

Keep in mind; storm damage cleanup is dangerous, even for professionals. Most injuries occur after a storm due to use of chain saws and other equipment used to cleanup after a disaster or from unstable trees and electrical lines. Numerous injuries and even deaths have occurred in the aftermath of a severe storm—this is a job best left to the experts.

How we can help


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