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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Oakland & Macomb County, MI

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Fire and smoke damage can be catastrophic to your home or business, causing destruction of cherished belongings or important business papers and equipment. Beyond the fire, smoke can cause odors that invade building materials and personal belongings, permeating virtually anything not consumed by the flames and, when extinguished, can create water damage as well. Cleaning up after a fire disaster can be extremely hazardous, as well as emotionally and physically draining. We understand this and are prepared to walk you through the process because you need an expert—we’re there when you need us.

Advance Restoration has the resources and expertise to handle your fire and smoke damage repair from start to finish. Our team will work diligently with your insurance professional to restore your property to pre-disaster condition from invading fire and smoke.

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Our Fire Restoration Services

Fires are a major disaster for any property owners. Fires not only burn but also create smoke odors that invade building materials and personal belongings of every kind, bringing soot damage to walls, wall cavities, floors, and virtually anything not consumed by flames. Experiencing a fire can be devastating to you and your family, destroying cherished possessions and memories. Advance Restoration sincerely appreciates the chaos that a disaster creates, so we work to give all we can to help the victims and to begin clean up, restoration, and repair work as fast as possible.

Our fire damage restoration services include:

  • Rapid Emergency Response: Disasters can happen at any time, so we are on call 24/7 to get you help whenever you need it. Responding within the first 12-24 hours is absolutely crucial for both property recovery and human safety, and with our years of experience, we can get to you in record time.
  • Content Recovery: Fire damage easily extends beyond structures. Your personal belongings such as furniture or clothing that escape the flames can smell from smoke for months after a fire. We have professional tools available to salvage whatever property we can.
  • Temporary Board-Ups: For property that is uninhabitable after a fire, a board-up is necessary for protection from the elements or potential burglary. We can board-up your home or business to keep it safe while we restore it.
  • Temporary Storage: We have a climate-controlled warehouse where we can store your personal property while restoring your property.

We employ industrial-grade water extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers and other equipment to efficiently remove water resulting from fire extinguishing efforts. We also implement environmentally-friendly methods for cleaning soot and other residue that may result from a fire. We can do away with any subsequent smoke damage using our comprehensive sanitation and air purification tools so that you can be sure your air is clean and safe to breathe again.

For fire damage recovery services in Rochester Hills, Farmington Hills, Sterling Heights, and the rest of Oakland and Macomb County, contact us online.

Count on Advance Restoration for Fire Damage Restoration in Michigan

The way we see it, the victims always come first. That is why we give out a care package including all of your daily hygienic and standard requirements of day to day use. Many disasters leave property owners unable to return to their home and are forced to stay with family, friends or in a hotel with absolutely nothing but the clothing on their back. It can be very frustrating not having the simple things that we may take for granted in life, such as a toothbrush. Our care packages are intended to supply you with the little things than can make your disaster just a little bit less stressful. We will also provide you with hotel accommodations in your area (if needed) until your insurance provider or other source of responsible party is able to.

When disaster strikes, we’ll be there to help you pick up the pieces. You will always be in good hands when you work with Advance Restoration.

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