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Disaster Recovery Resources

We’ve made these disaster recovery resources available in an effort to support those who either have had a disaster or those that are looking for preventative measures.

Disaster can mean anything from flood damage to fire damage, wind damage and even mold that can wreck havoc on your property and belongings. These resources provide not only tips on cleanup, preparedness, and prevention but offer viable suggestions for safe cleaning agents and emergency numbers to call. Prevention of course is the key but we can’t always be prepared for something as unpredictable as a fire or storm. These tips and resources can go a long way to easing the pain of disaster. We hope you’ll find this page helpful and will share these resources with others.

Below are links and resources where you can find valuable information and tips to help in your disaster recovery journey.

Disaster Recovery support

MI Response & Recovery
FEMA: Disaster Support Resources

FEMA: Are You Ready?
State Insurance Dept. Tips

Water & mold damage recovery links

Water Damage Tips
Storm & Flood Damage Tips
Mold Damage Tips
EPA Mold Guide
Preventing Frozen Pipes
Red Cross-Returning Home After a Flood
Michigan Flood Ready

Fire & smoke damage recovery links

Fire & Smoke Damage Tips
Red Cross-Recovering After a Fire
FEMA – Disaster Support Resources

Wind & storm damage recovery links

Storm Damage Tips
Red Cross Winter Storm Preparedness
State of MI Winter Preparedness

Mold damage remediation resources

Mold Cleanup Tips
EPA Mold Guide
FEMA – Removing Mold


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