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Decomposition and Odor Removal Services in Oakland & Macomb County, MI

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Expertise and specialist cleanup services are needed to deal with decomposition and its related odors in biohazardous situations. Here at Advance Restoration, we offer specialized services for decomposition and odor removal. These complex scenarios are no match for our team of highly skilled technicians. We are dedicated to making the space safe and free of lingering scents through meticulous cleanliness, odor treatment, and restoration.

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Deaths that go neglected or that are left in biohazardous settings for an extended period of time might lead to decomposition. Body fluids, tissues, and other forms of degraded matter can be removed and disposed of safely by our expert technicians. We take precautions against decomposition-related health issues by following very strict guidelines during the cleanup process.

Putrid and lingering smells from the breakdown process are a common side effect. To eradicate and neutralize unpleasant odors, our team uses cutting-edge deodorization methods and specialized tools. To eliminate foul smells permanently, we investigate their origin before resorting to proven deodorization techniques.

Our professionals clean and sanitize the area thoroughly to remove any traces of contaminants or microorganisms that could be linked to decomposition. To bring the afflicted area back to health and safety standards, we use disinfectants and specialized equipment certified by the industry. Our intention is to make the area safe for human habitation by eliminating all sources of decay.

When you need decomposition and odor removal services throughout Oakland and Macomb County, Michigan, including areas like Warren, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights, and more, you know you can count on Advance Restoration.

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