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24/7 Disaster Recovery Services in Michigan

Call For Disaster Restoration or Recovery Services Day or Night

Emergencies and disasters don’t have a timeline. They can happen at any point, and when they do, you need an immediate response from your disaster recovery services team to mitigate the damage as much as possible and get started on the restoration process.

We at Advance Restoration are committed to providing the highest standard of care and service to our clients. That’s why we are there, day or night, to respond to your disaster emergency. As an Advance Restoration client, you’ll receive access to our 24-hour emergency response team which is full of experts ready to take control of the situation, acting rapidly and effectively during the vital first few hours to minimize the damage and provide disaster recovery relief.

call us at866-505-3166

For 24/7 disaster response in Oakland County or Macomb County, call us at 877-581-9176.

Emergency Recovery Services

Knowing help is always there when you need it is crucial. If you suffer a major disaster after hours when you are unable to contact insurers, your problems continue to grow and disaster recovery could be significantly impaired or delayed. A fast response is vital, not only for containing the situation and avoiding significantly more damage, but also to mitigate insurance costs. A late or poor response can boost claim costs and cause your insurance premium to spiral. Advance Restoration’s team of expert disaster recovery technicians is available 24 hours a day every day of the year to assess and repair your loss, providing you with specialist advice and services, walking with you step-by-step through the insurance claims process.

Our disaster recovery services include:

Water Damage Restoration

When a storm or flood strikes, you need to immediately address the water within your home or business. The longer water and moisture are present, the more likely your building is to face damages and mold growth. We can help with every from storm damage to appliance leaks to pipe cleanup. We employ expert drying techniques, including a thermal imaging camera, to ensure your building is thoroughly dry and ready for repair.

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can be absolutely devastating to any building. Once the flames are extinguished, professionals need to get to work immediately to mitigate the damage. We provide content recovery, temporary board-ups, and temporary storage solutions while we work on removing all the soot and smoke, as well as any resulting water damage from extinguishing efforts, from your home.

Storm Damage Recovery

We experience a wide variety of weather in Michigan. From heavy snowfall to high winds, your home or business could face serious damages from an intense storm. Whether your home floods as a result or your roof and windows have been compromised, we can help. We can also remove any debris that has taken over your property and repair the damage to the fullest possible extent. Call Advance Restoration when you need:

Trust Advance Restoration for 24/7 Disaster Recovery Services and Emergency Response

Having been in the restoration business for over a decade, Advance Restoration knows the importance of rapid emergency response cannot be overstated. Beginning restoration work within the first 12-24 hours after a disaster is crucial to reduce the damages and restore the property as much as possible. So, when disaster strikes your home or business, don’t panic—Advance Restoration is here to help.

And don’t forget: we have a fleet that enables us to travel far and wide to help with natural disasters. When a major hurricane or other disaster occurs, we are always at the ready to travel to wherever help is most needed.

Call us at  866-505-3166 for 24/7 disaster response in Oakland County or Macomb County. Or visit our site on HomeAdvisor.com.


We offer a full range of disaster claims services

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