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Water Extraction Services in Oakland & Macomb County, MI

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Water extraction should be your top priority when your home or business has gone under siege by water. Whether the cause is from storm and prevailing flood waters or burst pipes, water is the enemy and time is of the essence.

Electrical currents may exist where water is present, be aware and move outdoors away from danger then contact a professional who will inspect the property for electrical activity and danger. It’s important to stay safe and let the professionals do their job.

Once you know the area is safe water extraction can begin. The more water that is extracted the less time it will take to dehumidify the remaining water and the quicker things can get back to normal. The longer the water sits, the more it has an opportunity to produce mold and do content damage to things like furniture, clothing, electronics and important documents.

Keep your head above water

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Water can be extremely dangerous, making everything it comes in contact with heavier over time. Furniture and clothing absorb water at a tremendous rate making these items difficult to lift and potentially harmful to you if you don’t have the proper equipment or know-how to mitigate it.

Remember to call your insurance provider to report your loss then call our professional team of technicians in to abate your water problem safely and effectively. While you wait for help to arrive check out our water damage tips to stay safe and dry.

Things you should do now

  • Move to safe ground
  • Report a loss
  • Call a water damage expert
  • Relax, you’re in good hands

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