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Water Extraction Services in Oakland & Macomb County, MI

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Water and moisture intrusion can come as a result of a wide range of issues. But no matter the cause—plumbing problems, storm damage, or even an appliance leak—the fact that you need a water extraction services solution right away is what is most important. You need water removal, and you need it to be both swift and thorough. That takes a team who really knows how to get the job done right, and at Advance Restoration we’re happy to say we can do it all.

As a local, family owned and operated business we have the training, equipment, and leadership-driven service that can guarantee a complete recovery. Whether your removal needs are extensive or simple, our expertly-equipped and IICRC certified fleet can provide prompt service that focuses on returning your home to normalcy as soon as accuracy will allow.

Dealing with excessive or standing water in your home or business in Oakland or Macomb County, MI? Contact Advance Restoration now to schedule service!

24/7 Water Removal Services near Clinton Township

Emergencies can strike at absolutely any time at all, meaning you need a team on hand and ready to serve no matter the day or hour. At Advance Restoration our service teams and project management experts are on call and prepared to assist you with your water extraction needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Water Extraction Services near Clinton Township, MI

Once on the scene our extraction teams get to work right away. We generate a priority-based plan that allows us to get to work immediately, helping to halt damage to the structure and minimize further health risks. Our experts will:

  • Determine the source of water intrusion – In order to halt any further water ingress and minimize damage, the source must be dealt with first, be it a damaged plumbing pipe, or structural damage. Once the source is handled, our team can move on to the recovery process.
  • Prioritize safety –  Standing water in a home or business can present considerable risks to occupants, including hidden electrical dangers and chemicals. Our team will first determine if the water is safe to interact with before the extraction process begins.
  • Begin the water extraction process – At Advance Restoration we use a combination of cutting-edge tools and highly trained industry experts to rapidly remove all standing water.
  • Provide additional support services – Once excess water has been removed, we can determine whether structural drying is necessary, as well as mold removal and remediation, content drying, and more.

The Importance of Water Removal & Structural Drying

When a disaster strikes your home, time becomes the biggest factor in nearly all regards. How swiftly the issue is remedied will factor into the extent of damage, the repairs needed, the time needed to restore your structure, and will even have an impact on whether or not you contend with mold infestations or structural weakening.

All of these reasons come together to place large importance on decisive action, and our extraction and support services are ideal. Together with our team we can get your structure stable, halting further damage and allowing us the opportunity to begin a proper professional restoration process.

Water Extraction & Remediation Services in Michigan

When water intrusion threatens your home, know that you’re never alone with Advance Restoration on your side. We are here to help, so whether you need any of our services, or even if you need assistance filing your claim, contact our team to get started right away.

Reach the experts at Advance Restoration online now to schedule your water extraction service near Clinton Township, anywhere in Oakland County or Macomb County or call 877-363-7462!


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