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Storm Damage Recovery in Oakland & Macomb County, MI

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When the weather turns extreme, you can count on our team at Advance Restoration for a rapid response and quality storm damage recovery in Oakland or Macomb County. If your home has been devastated by a storm, exposure to the elements may greatly increase the amount of damage to your home or property. Dripping water from ceilings, mold in attic spaces, or the cave-ins requiring roof damage repair are all real issues that can be caused by delay in taking the proper measures after storm damage. Time and expertise is of the essence, but where do you start in order to prevent further loss or damage?

The weather in the Oakland and Macomb County area is often quite variable and sometimes extreme. From occasional floods to thunderstorms, high winds, and heavy snowfalls, there are plenty of threats to your building and its contents. If a severe storm has caused water damage, roof damage, or other problems, it is important to address them quickly to prevent further, long-term damage to your building.

At Advance Restoration, we can help. We offer a variety of storm damage restoration and recovery services, from debris removal to structural drying, roof repair, and content restoration. We work with both commercial and residential customers, and we have been serving Oakland and Macomb County for over 10 years. Our experts have the knowledge and equipment to help you recover from storm damage quickly while preventing problems that could result in extensive renovations later.

Has your home or business been damaged during a flood or storm? Don’t wait for it to become worse—contact Advance Restoration today at 877-363-7462 for fast, professional storm damage recovery services. We are available 24/7 throughout cities like Clinton Township, Novi, Warre and the rest of Oakland and Macomb County, Michigan.

Our Storm Damage Recovery Services in Michigan

At Advance Restoration, we can help you clean up after a storm and mitigate damage to your home or business. We are IICRC certified in water damage restoration, and we have the equipment necessary to do the job properly. Time is critical after a storm, and our team will respond quickly and work diligently to restore your building and prevent further damage.

Our storm damage recovery services include:

  • Water damage restoration – Once water reaches the interior of your building from a flood, broken windows, a roof leak, or a roof that was damaged by excessive snow loads, it can quickly cause water damage, ruining drywall and insulation, soaking carpeting, and leading to rotten wood and mold in the future. Our experts at Advance Restoration can use specialized equipment and procedures to extract standing water, dry the structure, and decontaminate your home or business to prevent mold and bacterial growth.
  • Structural drying – When a building is exposed to water for an extended period, it can soak into porous materials like wood, drywall, insulation, and carpeting. Our experts will use equipment like convection dryers, dehumidifiers, and commercial fans to dry the structure, and we will monitor the process with moisture meters.
  • Roof and wind damage repair – If your roof, siding, or windows were damaged by excessive snow loads, high winds, or hail, our team can repair the damage and seal the building to prevent further water intrusions.
  • Debris removal – From fallen trees outside to damaged building materials, furniture, and other materials inside, we can help you clean up your home or business and remove debris after a major storm.

Contents Restoration

Often, the contents of the building are just as important as the structure. If valuable items such as furniture, carpeting, appliances, heirlooms, or documents were damaged during a storm, our team at Advance Restoration offers complete content restoration services. We can asses the damage and move items that can be saved to our secure, climate controlled warehouse. Those without heavy damage can often be restored nearly to their original condition, removing stains, odors, and water damage.

Mold Remediation

Soon after water damage occurs, mold will begin to grow, and some species can cause irritation or health problems. At Advance Restoration, we offer comprehensive mold remediation services. Our experts will clean and decontaminate your building using the latest industry-standard cleaning solutions and procedures, killing mold, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Schedule Storm Damage Restoration Services in Oakland or Macomb County, MI

Advance Restoration has the professionalism, resources, and expertise to handle your storm damage recovery in Oakland & Macomb County and provide help with your claim from start to finish. Our team will work with your insurance professional to restore your property to its pre-disaster condition from any type of storm damage including damage from fallen trees or wind and hail damage.

Our courteous and experienced technicians will walk you through the insurance claims process and handle your disaster recovery needs from start to finish to get your home or business back to its original condition or better.

Please refer to our Storm Damage Tips for more information on what you can do now to help mitigate issues temporarily.

Contact us today at 877-363-7462 for help cleaning up after a storm!


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