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Fallen Tree Removal in St. Clair, Oakland & Macomb County, MI

Did a recent storm damage a tree on your Clinton Township-area property? When you need fallen tree removal service in Oakland and Macomb County, Michigan, call on the restoration experts at Advance Restoration. Our crew can safely remove the fallen or damaged tree from your yard, as well as perform other storm damage recovery you may need.

To schedule fallen tree removal in St. Clair, Oakland or Macomb County, please contact us today at 877-363-7462.

Should I Remove or Restore a Felled Tree?

Although some trees damaged in severe storms appear dead or dying, some can be trimmed and restored, while others require removal. It’s best to make an informed decision about removing a hazardous tree or restoring it so it can live on. Advance Restoration can help you determine the correct course of action after storm damage has occurred.

If the fallen tree poses a threat to humans, animals, cars, or buildings, removing it now could prevent thousands of dollars in potential damage. Tree removal is non-negotiable in the following situations:

Our Michigan Fallen Tree Removal Process

At Advance Restoration, we follow a tried and true process for removing fallen trees from properties around Southeast Michigan. Here’s what this entails:

Leave Cleanup to the Professionals

Storm damage cleanup is dangerous, even for trained professionals. Most storm injuries occur when enthusiastic homeowners take to fallen trees with chainsaws and other power tools after the clouds have passed. To avoid the chance of severe injury or even death, leave fallen tree removal to the experts at Advance Restoration.

Contact Us for Fallen Tree Removal Service in St. Clair, Oakland & Macomb County, MI

The team at Advance Restoration can remove the fallen tree on your property using the proper tools, knowledge, and experience. Our services save you the time and hassle of removing the tree yourself. Plus, we ensure your safety by handling this dangerous task, so you don’t have to.

Don’t wait for pests, rot, and other issues to set in—call Advance Restoration at 877-363-7462 for professional tree removal service in St. Clair, Oakland and Macomb County.

Our Tree Removal Service Area

Advance Restoration provides fallen tree removal  services to the following cities: Chesterfield Township, Clinton Township, Macomb, Roseville, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, Warren, Washington Township, Birmingham, Commerce Township, Farmington Hills, Independence Township, Novi, Orion Township, Oxford Charter Township, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Southfield, Troy, and West Bloomfield Township.

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