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Water Damage Repair Cost in Michigan?


The average cost of drying out your property from category 1 water damage averages about $2592 according to HomeAdvisor.com.  As licensed professionals, we can determine the cause and extent of the damage by categorizing and classifying the damage, which are two of the largest factors in providing an accurate estimate for water damage repair cost, and the final bill.

How to Avoid High Cost to Repair Damage

To avoid elevated water damage repair costs for restoration, preventative measures immediately after the damage occurs is key. Moisture left untreated can cause mold spores to grow and standing water increases the scope of the cleanup which includes setting equipment for dryout, extracting any water, finding source of moisture and repairing, sanitizing, and replacing any damaged drywall or other materials needed to bring the property back to pre-loss condition.

Document the Damage

Whatever the cause or water damage repair cost, documenting the damage for your insurance claim is important. Contacting a professional immediately to diagnose, document, and determine the cause and extent of damages can save you thousands of dollars. Most people don’t realize the true extent of the damage. Some damage can take years to reveal itself such as wood rot and mold that is hidden and unseen causing damage to structures.


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