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What a Typical Home Inspection Won’t Tell You


It’s not what is included in an inspection that’s important—it’s what’s not.

A typical home inspection does not include looking for insect or animal infestations, cracks that cause water damage, or mold. E-gads! Most people assume that these dastardly home damaging items are a part of every home inspection punch list, but inspectors are not licensed to find them.

Termites, Rats, and Mold, oh my!

Your inspector may note that the floors are spongy or saggy and may be evidence of termites or that your insulation is torn and tattered and is possibly caused by rats, or that the black junk on the walls might be evidence of growing fungus however; to prove that it indeed is termite, rodent, or mold infestation, you need to hire a specialist.

Splish splash, you might be taking a bath

Home inspectors are not certified for all types of damage that can befall a property. For instance, if your home has a pool, they may turn on the heater or pump to be sure they are in working condition but not necessarily look for plumbing leaks due to cracks–you need to hire a septic systems expert or a property damage expert to really get to the bottom of what’s really going on with the pool. With the amount of water contained in a pool, a leak could cause significant flood damage issues.

Roofing it or…not

It’s quite possible your inspector will get up on the roof to look at shingles and gutters but they are not required to do so. If the weather is inclement, or your roof is more than one story high, they may stay squarely planted on terra firma—taking notes from there. A property damage specialist will inspect the roof by walking the roof, checking for loose or missing shingles, damaged gutters or downspouts along with the general condition of the roof in addition to checking inside the dwelling for leaks in areas that appear compromised from the outside.

If your home inspection even slightly eludes to termites, rats, mold, cracks, leaks, or missing shingles it might be a good idea to call a property damage specialist for a free consultation to eliminate the possibility of damage that runs deeper than the eye can see. Advance Restoration specializes in property damage of all kinds from water damageto fire damage, roof damage to mold remediation and, with our free inspection promotion, there is nothing to lose. Give us a call. 877-363-7462.


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