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How To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Home This Spring


Spring has been a long time coming for certain. We are all looking forward to the melt-off of snow and ice however, with that comes the potential for higher concentrations of moisture creating the ideal growth conditions for mold growth in your home. As we awaken from winter’s hibernation and begin our spring cleaning be alert to areas where moisture tends to collect such as window sills or ceilings. These moist areas are prone to mold growth and may require mold testing and remediation to completely eradicate all spores and prevent it from returning.

Controlling the moisture can control the mold so prevention is the key to warding off mold.

Here are some suggestions for keeping mold at bay:

  • Maintain a moisture level of 30-50% in your home.
  • Clean gutters so water can escape
  • Repair water leaks from faulty plumbing immediately
  • Keep condensation from collecting on windows, pipes, and walls by wiping dry
  • Empty and clean drip pans from refrigerators and air conditioning units

Mold can be a dangerous substance and difficult to remove once it takes hold. For the best and most complete results, hire a professional with equipment like hygrometers that can detect moisture inside walls, attics, crawl spaces and areas that can’t be seen with the naked eye. A mold specialist will test the mold to determine its mold type via mold science and corresponding treatment options. Improper cleaning methods can disturb mold colonies and release damaging spores into the air to land on other surfaces where mold can take root.

Spring can be a beautiful time of year when everything comes alive, but moisture that spring brings can also create the perfect climate for mold. Taking precautionary measures can help to prevent mold growth, but if you experience musty smells and have visible mold growth in your home, be sure to contact a professional mold remediation expert—because protecting your family’s health and the health of your property is important.


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