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Got Water Damage and Mold During Covid Pandemic?


We’re there when you need us. Even during Covid Pandemic

Water damage from leaks due to rain, drain water backup, or other moisture issues don’t stop just because there is a Covid pandemic.

Commercial and residential property owners still need to find a reputable restoration company nearby to remediate and mitigate these structural and health hazard issues. If you are experiencing water or moisture problems, these can lead to mold growth which can become toxic and unhealthy for those who are exposed and are more susceptible or immunocompromised.

Advance Restoration has been working throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. Deemed an “essential business” from the start, we have continued to perform restoration work while adhering to CDC guidelines. Although in our line of work, restoration experts have always worn PPE and utilized containment and proper protocols for mold remediation and water damage as outlined not only by CDC, but the EPA and our own industry gold standard organization, the IICRC. As an IICRC certified firm, you can rest assured our company, located in Macomb County and throughout Southeast Michigan, is trained and equipped to manage your mold or water damage now or during the next Covid wave.

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