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5 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Home


Keep more money in your pocketbook, break just one of these habits today

We all have habits. Some habits are good while others not so much. It’s the bad habits that are can ruin your home limiting your ability to be content, efficient and enjoy a bigger bank account.

Here are 5 bad habits you can break now to live a happier life, and have a fatter wallet!

#1 Stop taking Long Hot Steamy Showers

We all can agree there is nothing better than taking a long hot shower but doing so can cause mold to build up on shower surfaces such as faucets, grout, and the top of shower surrounds. That’s just icky! 

Did you know that more than half of all U.S. homes have mold? According to documentary titled MOLDY,  produced by Bulletproof Films, mold toxins are running rampant in our homes. Although mold and fungi are common in nature as they help to decompose leaves, trees, and dead plants they can become dangerous in the indoors and ruin your home. Mold thrives where there is moisture making your shower the perfect environment for mold growth. 

Always remember to turn on the exhaust fan while showering and wipe any moisture off the walls afterwards—using a squeegee is a great way to quickly accomplish this. Be sure to scrub the grout every few weeks to remove any mold seen or unseen. These tips will surely save you money on re-grouting or tearing out a moldy shower or tile surround which can be costly.

#2 Wasting Water with a Half-Full Dishwasher

Are you the type that prides yourself on your clean kitchen, no dishes in the sink, crumbs always swept away? If you like to stay on top of things then you’re also probably constantly filling the dishwasher and running it even before its full. Yup, been there, done that.  But about that: You are wasting water unless it is completely full. No matter how many dishes are in the machine it uses the same amount of water regardless. It can wait—just fill as the day goes on add your soap and press the start button before bed when the machine is full and voila! You’ll have clean dishes in the morning and you’ll feel good about doing your part for Mother Earth!

#3 Leaving Electronics on Overnight

Guilty! Do you also leave your computer, TV, or printer on overnight? 

You can save about $12 bucks a month by simply shutting these electronics off at night before bed. 

According to the experts, the electrical system in your home could become overheated if it’s expected to provide more power than it is capable of producing. Overburdening the electrical system can cause an electrical fire to cause serious fire and smoke damage to your home. Don’t plug too many devices into outlets or power strips. Unplug devices that are not in use, you will not only be safe from electrical fire but save money and even your life!

#4 Flushing Sanitary Wipes

Tissue is made to break down, but unlike ordinary toilet paper household cleaning wipes are made of woven fibers that do not breakdown and are more likely to clog your drainage system. Blockages in the drain lines of your home can mean costly repairs to your sewage system let alone the damage that can be done by sewage backup requiring water extraction from your basement. It’s costly and can ruin your home life. Just don’t do it!

 #5 Oven Overflows

Everyone of us has baked a pie or a gooey casserole that splatters, sputters, and drips into the bottom of the oven. The problem is that these crumbs and greasy messes can catch fire. Not only can it ruin your meal, but your entire kitchen could go up in smoke damaging everything in its path. To avoid costly fire damage repairs, wipe up spills immediately after the appliance cools and clean the interior of the oven multiple times a year. 

Bad habits are hard to break but when you consider the cost to your pocketbook it makes these habits all the more worth breaking.

Photo by maitree rimthong from Pexels


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