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Commercial Mold Removal

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Commercial Mold Removal in Hamtramck, Michigan, 48211

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Customer service representativeWhile there are many commercial mold damage companies to choose from in Hamtramck, we believe our large loss disaster restoration service will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

We 're dedicated to providing every customer's Commercial Mold Removal  job, large or small, with superior and responsive service along with industry standard pricing set by your insurance carrier.

For immediate assistance, call Advance Restoration at (313) 351-1253 to speak with a friendly customer service representative who will put you in touch with a commercial mold removal expert in Hamtramck, MI.

24/7 Response To Commercial Mold Removal Services in Hamtramck, MI

Mold Inspection Form

Our commercial mold removal company is aware that exposures to molds may cause a range of health effects and symptoms, including allergic reactions, as concerns about indoor exposure to mold have grown. Molds can be found nearly anywhere; virtually any organic substance can grow, provided there are moisture and oxygen. Molds can be produced on wood, paper, tapestry, food and isolation. In buildings and building materials, if high humidity builds up, mold growth occurs regularly, particularly if the moisture issue is not detected or handled by a professional commercial mold expert.

Mold Remediation Services

Commercial Mold Removal in Hamtramck, MI (4371)

Moisture from leaky plumbing, roof damage leak, storm damage, or water damage of all kinds require Commercial Mold Removal services by a reputable commercial mold company in Hamtramck, MI immediately.

Mold that has grown out of control in a confined and poorly ventilated space can cause health issues not to mention damage to your commercial building property. Mold is prolific where organic material and moisture co-exist and must be dealt with by an commercial mold removal expert.  Our Commercial Mold Removal process typically includes:

  • Mold Inspection
  • Halt Moisture at Origin
  • Structural Dry-Out
  • Mold Removal Cleanup
  • Disinfect & Deodorize
  • Clean Contaminated Contents
  • Disposal of Damaged Contents

Causes of Mold Growth

Above all else, moisture must be present for mold spores to grow. If you require Commercial Mold Removal, moisture was the undeniable culprit. Whether mold began from an organic food source, roof damage leak, foundation leak, or plumbing leak,  you just need to add warm conditions and you have a recipe for mold growth.  Common causes of mold spore growth can include:

  • High Humidity & Warmth
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Bathroom Fans
  • Poor Moisture Barriers
  • Improper Landscape Grading

What it Means to be a IICRC Certified Firm in Hamtramck, MI

IICRC Certified Firm LogoJust as any professional performs at a higher level of competency in their field, IICRC Certified Firms and Technicians set themselves apart through training, experience, and comprehensive examination. As an IICRC Certified Firm we must employ one or more IICRC certified technicians, and apply with the IICRC to become a Certified Firm. Certified Firms are the only cleaning, restoration and inspection companies listed in the premier IICRC locator of respected professional restorers. We also promise to adhere to the IICRC Code of Ethics, be current in business insurance and licensee requirements, and  proudly display the IICRC logo on our company website and vehicles.

Restoration activity during the first 12-24 hours of exposure to rain is essential to the health of the properties and to the prevention of secondary harm.

For 24/7 emergency response, contact us at (313) 351-1253 to be put in touch with a commercial mold expert today.

All IICRC Certified Contractors are committed to four key objectives:

  • Certification at all times
  • IICRC professional on every job
  • Maintain industry standards
  • Commitment to ongoing professional training

For Service Today In Hamtramck, MI Call (313) 351-1253.


What causes mold to grow?

In short, moisture and warmth. Moisture and warm temperatures provide the perfect environment for mold growth whether from a leaky roof, condensation from showers & tubs, or from a recent flood or sewage backup. We can create a plan for remediation for Commercial Mold Removal to get you on the path to recovery, call our commercial mold cleanup expert today at (313) 351-1253.

Why choose Advance Restoration for Commercial Mold Removal?

Advance Restoration will create a plan for mold remediation that starts first with professional mold testing by a hygenist. Testing for the type of mold present is crucial to determining the course of action necessary to remediate the mold in your Hamtramck, MI, 48211 residence or business. We refuse to skip steps and simply spraying any old substance around and  hope it doesn't return. Once we know what we are dealing with our commercial mold removal expert will not only remediate but sanitize the area in question. We will also address any contents that might also be contaminated and provide help eliminating any residual odors via Ozone or Thermal fogging to leave the air fresh and spore free.

What type of mold is the most dangerous to health?

Stachybotrys, commonly known as black mold is reported to be toxigenic.  There are over 20 documented species of Stachybotrys, the genus Stachybotrys should be assumed to be toxigenic. Specifically, it can produce the mycotoxin trichothecene (Satratoxin H), which is poisonous upon inhalation. If you believe you have this mold growing in your dwelling, contact Advance Restoration at (313) 351-1253 now for residential or Commercial Mold Removal services.


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