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Fire Damage Restoration in St. Clair Shores, MI

Fires can be a devastating disaster for any home or business. The restoration process after a fire can be extensive and requires skilled professionals to reverse damage caused by the flames and smoke. Turn to the experts at Advance Restoration for thorough fire damage restoration—we will ensure that all dangers and health hazards are eradicated and restore your home or business as much as possible given the damage your property has sustained. We implement proven industry techniques to dehumidify, deodorize, and eliminate harmful particles.

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Our Fire Damage Services

Not all fire damage is the same—therefore, different types of fire damage require different treatment. We have been restoring fire-damaged residential and commercial properties for over a decade and have restored a wide variety of damaged buildings.

Our fire damage restoration services include:

  • Rapid Emergency Response: Our team is on-call 24/7 because we know disasters don’t have a schedule. A fire can break out in the middle of the night and requires immediate restoration response once the flames have been extinguished. Responding within the first 12–24 hours of a disaster is crucial to property recovery and human safety.
  • Content Recovery: Fires affect more than just structure. The smoke and flames can cause damage to your clothing, furniture, computers—really anything within your property. We have the tools necessary to help recuperate whatever items are salvageable.
  • Temporary Board-Ups: If your property is uninhabitable after a fire, you need to protect it from the elements or burglary. Fire often leaves the protective structures of a building compromised, making a board-up Our team can help protect your house while we get to work restoring your home or business.
  • Temporary Storage: You may find it necessary to remove personal items such as furniture or electronics while your home or business is restored. We have a climate-controlled warehouse where we can store your items while we work on mitigating your damage and restoring your property.

For emergency fire response, content recovery, board-ups, or restoration storage in St. Clair Shores, call us at 877-363-7462.

Tips for Dealing with Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire damage restoration is best left to the professionals, but there are a few steps you can take to clean up some of the mess while waiting for the experts from Advance Restoration to arrive.

  • Clean hard surfaces with mild soap or a cleaning agent. Be sure to wipe the insides of drawers, cabinets, and closets too.
  • Scrub and disinfect all exterior and interior surfaces.
  • Launder or dry clean fabrics such as curtains, upholstery, pillows, and clothing to remove soot and odors.

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be shocking and emotionally taxing. At Advance Restoration, we do our best to accommodate your every need and help however possible.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in St. Clair Shores

With over a decade in the restoration business, we’ve seen all types of disasters at Advance Restoration. Our talents take us wherever we are most needed, which often sends us far from Michigan to the Gulf Coast and beyond to help aid families and businesses impacted by hurricanes and other natural disasters. Our dedication to comprehensive recovery and disaster is what has helped us make an impact with so many customers all across Michigan and the Greater United States.

When you need fire damage restoration in St. Clair Shores, count on Advance Restoration. Call us at 877-363-7462 or contact us online anytime!


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