Roof Repair’s – Residential & Commercial Services

We offer emergency roof repairs, re-roofs, and tear downs for homes, apartment complexes, condos, commercial and industrial buildings.
We specialize in stopping leaks, repairing wind damage, tree damage, hail damage, removing ice dams and restoring your entire roof as new. We can provide emergency tarps after storm damage or fire damage. We will work with you or your insurance company if a claim is called in alleviating any upfront costs as will bill them directly.

Your roof protects your entire property investment from all sorts of weather related conditions and much like the foundation of your home it is equally important. Without a sound roof you leave your important belongings and the remaining structure of you property vulnerable to damage. If you see shingles or other roofing products that look disturbed on your roof, do not wait to call Advance Restoration.

Just because you may not see any damage on the inside of your property does not mean that damage is occurring. It is a common mistake for home and business owners to do so. Some of the damages you may not notice could be mold growth in your attic, rotting of wood, bug infestation and your once small repair could lead to a large repair. Over time water can accumulate and eventually cause drywall damage. After a hail storm occurs roofs become much more vulnerable to weather conditions leading to cracking, splitting and granule loss of your roof. Contact our team of damage control roof specialist and we will evaluate the damage on your roof and fix the problem.

This is what you can expect

  • Immediate assessment of your property for leaks and damage
  • Emergency tarping when necessary
  • Estimate of job scope and timeline
  • Project is coordinated start to finish by professional project manager

Homeowner Tips

  • Do not walk on a damaged roof
  • Regularly clean and remove debris from gutters and downspouts
  • Properly ventilate your roof to help establish air flow
  • Repair broken shingles or flashing