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Emergency Board-Up Service for Disaster Recovery near Clinton Township, MI

emergency board-up

Protect Your Property From Further Damage, Theft, Vandalism & Accidents with Emergency Board-Up Services

Our emergency board-up services can keep your property safe. When a fire, flood, or storm occurs at your home or business, damage often occurs to doors, windows, the roof, and other areas of the building, leaving it open to the elements and accessible to anyone who may be passing by. To prevent further damage from rain, as well as accidents, theft, or vandalism, it is important to secure your building as soon as possible, and it is often required by insurance providers and local authorities.

At Advance Restoration, we have teams available 24/7 that can respond quickly and secure your home or business. Our experts have the tools and equipment to board up windows and doors, tarp damaged roof sections, and perform temporary repairs to roofing, siding, or other damaged areas. We serve customers throughout the Oakland and Macomb County areas of Michigan, and we offer a full range of disaster recovery services, from board-ups and temporary repairs to complete fire, water, and storm damage restoration.

For fast board-ups and repairs of your damaged home or business, call Advance Restoration today at 877-363-7462 or contact us online. We serve St. Clair, Oakland and Macomb County, including Novi, Warren, Farmington Hills, Clinton Township, and more!

What to Do After A Disaster

After your home or business has been impacted by a fire, flood, or storm, there is often significant damage to both the interior and the exterior. Once the local authorities have handled the immediate threats of fire, flooding, downed power lines, and other problems associated with such incidents, it will often be your responsibility to secure the building. Not only is it typically required by your insurance provider and the local authorities, but it is also a good idea in general. Securing your building helps to:

Once the authorities have released the building or instructed you to secure it, call our team at Advance Restoration. We are available 24/7, and we will dispatch a team quickly to assess the damage and start boarding up the building.

Our Emergency Board-Up & Repair Services

During a storm, broken windows are a common occurrence, and in a fire, emergency personnel may break down doors or cut openings in the roof or walls to limit the spread of fire. All these openings must be secured to keep your building protected. At Advance Restoration, we offer several services that can help, including:

We also offer tree and debris removal services to clean up after a storm, as well as water extraction and structural drying to minimize water damage. Once your building is secure, we can bring it back to its original condition with our complete restoration services, including fire and water damage restoration, roof damage repair, and more.

Schedule Emergency Board-Up Services in St. Clair, Oakland & Macomb County, MI

When you need fast, professional assistance to secure your home or business after a disaster, trust our team at Advance Restoration. With a decade of disaster recovery experience and a team of talented, IICRC-certified personnel, we can ensure it is done quickly and properly.

Hygiene Care Package

Many disasters leave property owners unable to return to their home forcing them to stay with family and friends or in a hotel with absolutely nothing but the clothing on their backs. We’ll provide you with an “Advance Care Package” that includes necessities while you are displaced. Sometimes it’s the little things like a toothbrush or soap that bring comfort in a time of need. But the help doesn’t stop there; we’ll also provide you with lodging in your area, if needed, until your insurance provider is able to respond.

These are just a few of the simple but important things that we are happy to provide to get you through this disaster.

To request board-up services in St. Clair, Oakland or Macomb County, contact us today at 877-363-7462! We are based in Clinton Township and service the surrounding areas of Novi, Warren, Washington Township, and beyond.

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