Advance Restoration

Our Fleet

Advance Restoration’s truck fleet is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment ready to serve your disaster restoration needs. There aren’t many restoration companies that can boast a sophisticated fleet of emergency response vehicles like ours.

It’s imperative to take action within a 24-48 hour window to prevent further damage from most disasters from water damage, fire damage and wind & hail damage. Our fleet is on call 24/7 for rapid response by our highly trained technicians when the scale of the disaster is appropriate. Mobile and fully equipped, we can be on the road within minutes to meet your disaster recovery needs. It’s important to have the right equipment for the job and we determine that at the onset of your loss report call, dispatching the right technician, vehicle and tools for your individual loss.

Mobile and responsive

State-of-the-art mobile command center

When disaster strikes it sometimes happens on an enormous scale requiring multiple vehicles to be dispatched immediately. Our mobile command centers are a 39-foot RV and its little brother a 34-foot RV fully equipped with the latest mobile technology. These command centers serve as our mobile command headquarters so that we can be on-sight, with all our resources to handle any disaster recovery that comes our way. Our traveling headquarters includes computers to keep up to date on important data, fully generated by its own power, provides a conference table for meetings, updates and reports on losses, large high definition screens for enhanced monitoring of weather conditions and conferencing with corporate headquarters.

Advance Restoration’s Truck Fleet Facts

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