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Frozen Pipe Flood Cleanup in Great Lakes Beach, Michigan, 48032,

While there are many frozen pipe repair companies to choose from in Great Lakes Beach, we believe our family owned and operated disaster restoration service will exceed your expectations.

We are dedicated to providing every customer's job large or small with superior responsive service and industry standard pricing set by your insurance provider.

Call us today at (810) 255-8756 so that our family can help your family recover faster.

Need 24/7 Response In Great Lakes Beach for Frozen Pipe Flood Cleanup Services. Call (810) 255-8756 Now!

Our frozen pipe flood cleanup experts are ready to dispatch your commercial property within the hour for immediate cleanup and restoration when you have experienced a frozen pipe burst in Great Lakes Beach.  We provide 365 days of the year, day or night emergency response services when you call (810) 255-8756.

Why Choose Advance Restoration?

Give us a call at (810) 255-8756 to discuss your emergency response plan.

IICRC Certified —What's it all About?

Technical excellence, that's what!

IICRC standards were created to provide the highest quality terminology, concepts and procedures recognized in the cleaning and restoration industry. Establishing and furthering global recognition of specific standards and certifications for the cleaning and installation industry for proper inspection, cleaning and restoration.

What does that technical talk really mean to our customers?

Bottom line—highly-trained and certified frozen burst pipe repair experts measuring up to top IICRC standards.

Our IICRC Certified Firm is committed to four key objectives:


How to prevent frozen pipe floods?

  • Disconnect and drain hoses before winter hits
  • Close interior shut-off valves
  • Insulate water supply lines in crawl spaces, basements and under kitchen and bath cabinets

What if I come home to frozen pipe flood?

Never attempt to heat frozen pipes yourself, it's best to call a professional like Advance Restoration. Our frozen burst pipe repair experts can repair frozen burst pipes and provide detailed frozen pipe flood cleanup such as water extraction, dry-out, and content restoration.

What is the most common cause of frozen burst pipe flood?

A frozen pipe flood cleanup disaster is commonly caused by a water pressure issue. Frozen pipes don't always burst because of ice expansion as one might think—when temperatures drop below freezing, water molecules can crystalize taking up more space than when in liquid form. As ice expands within the pipe it pushes the water toward the closed faucet causing pressure to build between the ice blockage and the faucet— causing it to rupture.

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